Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Glass, metal, and car parts everywhere
That bang sounds so loud and perfectly clear
Fear, shock, trauma, and pain
Are we dead or alive? This is so insane!

Riding in a van on a bright sunny day
Laughing and talking the time away
From out of nowhere, in an instant, our lives changed so quick
Was this real or some kind of crazy movie flick?

Suffering the anguish of losing a loved one, so hard to bare,
How does our Father decide whose life He will spare?
Question upon question constantly running through our minds,
Will we ever know why it was not our time?

The loss of our sister hurts so very much
Missing her laugh, care and tender, loving hugs
We know in our hearts that she's gone to a far better place
Fond memories of times spent can never be replaced.

Cherrianne, you're missed by so many, I promise you this
We are so grateful for the memories given, that we truly miss
You are in our hearts always, forever in time,
Our special family together, so loving and kind.

We know that you're our angel protecting us from harm,
Your work with our Father has just begun,
Our praises shall forever ring out in the heavens so clear,
In our soul and hearts you are held so dear.

Written by Bert Calderon
Dedicated to Cheryl Ann McKinney, our sister and friend,
July 1, 1955 - January 25, 2009

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One Way Ticket said...

missing someone is a loving someone
when we lost then we only knew that we once cherish and treasure.

i am sad of your lost

she will be forever remembered
and eternalised in your poetry

i once lost a friend and i dedicated a poem for her too
in my blog:

post: tip of an iceberg