Saturday, December 27, 2008



Dreams, dreams, what do dreams mean?
Do they tell you a story of an upcoming scene?
How do we discern what’s a dream and what’s real?
Will this dream come true or will it remain just a dream?

I dreamt of good times and things we’ve done,
In my dreams, you are, my number one,
Wishing I could live my dreams out with you
Wishing all my greatest, dreams will come true.

Escaping far away in my wonderful dreams,
To places unknown that I’ve never seen,
Dreams with you are the best I recall,
Dreams of our future will tell all.

Sharing my innermost dreams with you,
I share all my thoughts and feelings with you,
Proving my love and devotion in my heart,
Dreams of you fulfill all the dreams I want.

Written by Bert Calderon



Lies, lies, only meant to disguise,
To hide the truth, so many lies,
Lies have destroyed the greatest love stories in time,
Lies have played tricks on the greatest of minds.

Big lies and small lives – they’re all the same,
Often told for fear of creating great pain,
Told by many who can’t face the truth,
Through lies we’ve told, so often we lose.

Lying seemed easier than honesty at times,
However, they multiply so quickly, lie upon lie,
This deception and lying becomes so difficult to bear,
Lies all around me, lies everywhere.

Lied to by your partner about things they've done wrong,
Covering up the truth can’t last very long,
All I seek is to be honest and pure,
Lies, lies, no longer can I endure.

Lies, lies, please no more lies,
Lies, lies, only meant to disguise,
Lies, lies, create so much unnecessary pain,
Lies, lies, please never lie again.

Written by Bert Calderon



White represents so many things,
Looking about me is white everything,
White is a color so clean and bright,
White reflects light whether day or night.

White linen, white sheets, so perfectly clean,
White dress at your wedding, so lovely it seems,
White snow everywhere on a bright winter morn,
What a lovely sight I grew to adore.

White tablecloths adorn the most perfect tables as we dine,
White linens accessorize, looking so clean and fine,
White uniforms all around us looking professional as can be,
White, I see everywhere, as I look all around me.

The full moon shines so brightly in the middle of the night,
White stars shine so vividly, what a miraculous sight !
White doves represent a love so pure,
White pills all about that we take as a a cure.

White powder has claimed so many lives,
An addiction that caused so many deceitful lies,
White angels, so lovely, created to help us in times of need,
White represents so many of God’s special blessings.

Written by Bert Calderon

Friday, December 26, 2008



In my eyes, you looked so thoroughly enticing,
In my eyes, you were quite inviting.
The way you gazed into my eyes,
Told me I aroused your innermost desires.

Was this real or just my imagination?
Did I create my own story or delusion?
Was I wanting love so intensely?
Was I seeking to love so completely?

I know in my heart there was no mistaking,
The attraction from the start was truly infatuating,
Yes! I wanted love to come my way.
Yes! This feeling I craved many a day.

In my eyes, I saw your sweetness and perfection.
In my eyes, there was an unmistakable attraction.
In my eyes, I found true love that was exciting.
In my eyes, we found each others love so gratifying.

In my eyes, I knew that we were destined for each other.
In our eyes, we both saw the need to join together.
In my eyes……..In our eyes…….

Written by Bert Calderon



Our magical moment
I waited for so long
Our magical moment
Carried within me for so long
Our magical moment
As we brought new life
To this world of such uncertainty.

Such a wonderful surprise
It was not one, but two,
This magical moment from a love so true
Twin boys, a gift to cherish for life,
This moment, unmatched by any other
This moment we share, just us, together.
This memory, this moment, forever in time.

Devoted, we are, to these twins we bore,
A blessing in our hearts, we both hoped for,
Our lives as a family shall begin anew,
As we journey together with our life so new.
What beauty we behold in this moment we share,
Our boys, for them we will always be there.
Our magical moment …. We are so grateful for!

Written by Bert Calderon - 12/26/08
Dedicated to Joelle and Stanley Godek
and their newborn twins, Anthony and Nicholas - my God sons

Written by Bert Calderon



Past the point of no return
There is no turning back.
Past the point of right or wrong
You’ve given me the love I lacked.

Past the point of no return
Since our eyes first met.
Past the point of no return
Your smile is the best it can get.

Past the point of no return
There is no denying.
Past the point of no return
All inhibitions are dying.

Past the point of no return
You’ve unlocked my heart.
Past the point of no return
You’re all in life I ever want.

Past the point of no return
Your touch enthralls me.
Past the point of no return
Your words excite me.

Past the point of no return
Your kiss devours me.
Past the point of no return
Your love empowers me.

Written by Cherrianne McKinney 12/25/08



As he sleeps, I watch
I watch him filled with peace
As he sleeps, I see
The little boy inside,
Of the man who’s in love with me.

As he sleeps, I think
Of all the words we spoke,
Of his arms around me
Of his love abounding.
Of the man to whom I’ve committed my life.

As he sleeps, I dream
Of all that he can do
Of all that is unseen
Of all within his reach
Of how much I believe and trust in him.

As he sleeps, I contemplate
The many things we’ve shared.
Our deepest thoughts
Our deepest desires
Of he and I forever in time.

He is my life
My commitment, my partner
My best friend, my lover
I am so proud to be his wife,
Even as he sleeps……

written 12/21/08 – C.A. McKinney



Never did I realize as I gazed upon your face
That my heart would leap in pure ecstasy
Not sure of where this would all lead to
As my excitement swelled beyond control
I tried to stop this inner explosion
Of feelings, of thoughts, of pure emotion
Passionate thoughts running rampant through my brain
Like the rush of a waterfall with all its awesome power

My heart soared upwards so quickly
Making my head spin in a whirlwind of erotic thoughts
Bringing me to a place I’ve never been before
Only dreamt of, in my innermost desires, only hoped for
Never did I realize that this intensity could be mine
This heat, this fire, this incredible desire,
Never did I realize that I’d find someone like you
That could bring me a passion, a love so honest and true

Never did I realize…………..that this could all be mine
Never did I realize…………..

Written by Bert Calderon

Sunday, December 21, 2008



How much longer before we are one?
How much longer till I’m overcome?
By your passionate kisses
By your passionate love

How much longer before I let out?
The cries of hunger… of love that’s inside….
How much longer before this flicker becomes a flame?
Before you take me in your arms and nothing else remains?

How much longer before your body
Is here next to mine?
How much longer before we intertwine
Before we become as one?

How much longer before
I give to you
What I have held back
for the one
Whose love is true?

How much longer
before I feel Your sweet kisses
As they cause my love to overflow?
How much longer
Must I wait, hesitate?
How much longer
must I crave your sweet fires?
How much longer
must I hold back my desires?
For you…. Only you!

When you touch me
My body aches,
With love for only you,
A love that only two can share
Who can understand just what they bear?

How much longer
Before you are mine….and I am yours,
Before we intertwine our hearts completely?
How much longer
Before it is no longer two… but one?
Within your love, …. I am undone.

Written 12/20/08 by Cherrianne McKinney


What is This Love?

What is this love,
That consumes me?
What is this love`,
That overtakes me?
What is this love,
That overpowers me?
What is this love?

What is this love,
That overwhelms me?

What is love
That overshadows me?
What is this love
That overtakes me?
It makes me cry out
Take me !

What is this love
That has turned me?
What is this love
That spurns me?
What is this love
That elates me?
And drives me to
my knees.

What is this love
That brings me such joy?
What is this love
That makes me cry?
What is this love,
That makes me sigh?
What is this love?

This love is all consuming
It takes my breath away.
This love has caused my
heart to stop
It keeps me here
To stay!

This love that comes
From heaven above,
Yet burns with fires
Of hell
This love bids me
Come closer to where
Sin dwells.

It is bittersweet
This love we have
And I cannot live without it
Yet to live with it is dangerous.
And your love is
All I desire !

Written 12/20/08 by Cherrianne McKinney



Your eyes, so awesome to behold,
Your eyes, pierce into my soul,
Your eyes look into my heart,
You eyes, my secrets they unlock.

Your eyes bring me to my knees,
Your eyes can take me where you please,
One glance from your eyes
I am undone,
One glance from your eyes
I completely succumb.

I succumb to your desires,
In your eyes I feel your fire,
In your eyes I lose my senses,
In your eyes I have no defenses,
One glance from your eyes
Is all I require,
To fulfill all my passion and desires,
Your eyes !

Written 12/21/98 by Cherianne McKinney
For the man who woes me with his eyes

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Thinking of you

Thoughts of you always on my mind,
Visions of beauty and words so kind,
Just like fresh sunshine you brighten my days,
Your heavenly scent blows me away.

Your smile brings me true happiness deep inside,
Fond memories we share of wonderful times,
Through difficulties we’ve stayed loyal and true,
No matter what, I’ll always love you.

I realize now more than ever before,
That it’s you whom I truly love and adore,
Without you in my life I’d feel lost and alone,
Can’t wait to see you and return home.

Written by Bert Calderon

Friday, December 19, 2008


Burnin' Desire

Each time I envision your beauty in my mind,
Arousing my emotions deep down inside,
The erotic, sensual way you move,
Carries itself in all you do.

So proud am I that we’re together,
All I’ve dreamt of forever and ever,
Longing for your touch and incredible kiss,
Whenever we’re together, I’m in heavenly bliss,

You arouse in me such burnin’ desire,
Set my heart on body totally on fire,
Hunger to be with you all day and night,
I want you and need you more each day.

Written by Bert Calderon

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Should I stay or should I go?
Is it yes or is it no?
Are you mine or are you not?
I just don’t know where to start.

Inside me is a fire,
That burns like no other desire,
Yet at times it seems out of reach,
Is there something life desires to teach?

Sometimes the light shines bright,
But then comes the darkest night,
Then I cry out from the night,
Bring me into your light.

It’s in your light where I belong,
It’s for your love that I long,
So come and take me to your side,
I long to feel your love inside.

Cherrieanne McKinney

Monday, December 15, 2008


There was a man, a quiet man
Who came to me, and took my hand
His eyes were green, just as the sea
And he took my heart from me.

There was a man, with a soft voice
And as he spoke, I had no choice
But to believe each word he said
He took my hand my life he led.

There was a man who paid the price
Who gave his life a sacrifice
He gave it all so I might be
His bride, his wife to be

I love this man with all my heart
And from this man I’ll never part
He is the lover of my life
And to him I’ll be a wife
And to him I’ll be his wife…

Written By
Cherrieanne McKinney 12/14/08

Sunday, December 14, 2008

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Saturday, December 13, 2008



When God created you,
He created the perfect match for me,
He knew exactly what to do,
God knew exactly what I needed,
My heart’s desire, He had heeded.

When God created you,
He knew what would turn,
These eyes towards you,
He knew exactly what to do,
He turned my heart towards you.

When God created you,
He gave to me a love,
I never knew before,
He made my heart to sing,
He made my spirit to soar.

You are the one I’ve longed for,
You are the one I’ve waited for,
You are the one I live for,
I thank God for creating you,
The only one I truly adore!

Written by Bert Calderon

Sunday, December 7, 2008



Sitting in solitude in a lonely cell,
Locked up behind bars, cold and hungry as hell,
Ringing that telephone – no one answers your calls,
Letters unanswered – seems like no one care at all.

Last person on the train, all by yourself,
Invited to a dance, alone with no one else
Sitting at a table for two with no company,
Last flower from a bouquet, pretty as can be.

Last book placed all alone on a shelf,
Last student in the class with no one else
Everywhere you go why do people stare?
All you want to know is that someone still cares.

Wishing I was not feeling so alone,
Fear of facing so many unknowns,
Always feeling sad, lonely as can be,
Lonely, so lonely please help me!

Written By Bert Calderon



Fear is standing at the edge of a cliff six thousand feet high,
Fear is searching for the rip cord while flying through the sky,
Fear is being surrounded in the ocean by sharks ready to attack,
Fear is having a mugger placing a gun in your back.

Fear is being lost in a jungle being left all alone,
Fear is traveling through space into the unknown,
Fear is riding on a rollercoaster at an excessive speed,
Fearing is watching a loved one in pain as they bleed.

Tires screeching from a high speed chase,
Surrounded by guns pointing directly at your face,
Walking all alone prime target for attack,
No one there to watch your back.

Fear, fear is in your mind,
Fear, fear is so easy to find,
Fear, fear the only thing to fear,
Is the fear in your mind and the voices you hear.

Written by Bert Calderon



Dad – a man I look up to,
A man whose honesty is tried and trued,
A father, husband, teacher and guide,
The love for his family is foremost on his mind.

Taught me so much about how to live my life,
Being there for me through troubles and strife,
Always gave me everything I need,
Told me to be the best that I could be.

Sometimes didn’t show my appreciation,
And made poor decisions while in a depression,
But my mind recalls great memories of our past,
Of great times shared and lessons I’ve amassed.

Grateful Dad for all you’ve done,
In my book your number one,
The best Dad around – so blest you are mine,
I think of you Dad – you’re always on my mind.

Written by Bert Calderon



Mom, you’ve always been there for me,
Given me love, care, and opportunities,
Guided me in life to do what is right,
Been there for me any time of day or night.

I know my love I don’t always show,
But you mean more to me than you’ll ever know,
Missing all the special things you do,
That’s why I need to say, “mom I love you”.

Written by Bert Calderon



When we took our vows as man and wife,
We committed to each other for the rest of our lives,
In sickness and health, for richer or poorer,
Through troubles and strife, for better for worse.

For so many years we’ve rode our ups and downs
Confident that we’d both stick around,
Taking for granted that we’d always be there,
And through it all, still knowing we care.

I realize that words alone cannot cure
The cloud of wrongs we’ve both endured,
Our bond is blessed by our Lord above
It’s difficult to withstand excessive tough love.

As I look at the pictures of you and our kids,
Fond memories I reflect, of things we both did,
Now I must prove that I can remain straight,
I promise to you, it’ll be worth the wait.

Totally through with stupid drug games,
Wasting our lives was totally insane
Yet I know in my heart what’s most important to me,
Is to be with you for all eternity.

We owe it to each other and our family,
To pull together and fulfill our destiny,
To raise our children to be the best they can be,
Our family together with just you and me.

Written by Bert Calderon



I know not what I knew not before
I know less now than I ever knew before
Each day that passes by creates more confusion,
Waiting for a deal seems like a delusion.

Locked up all day, locked up all night,
Depressed as can be, none of this time’s right,
Caring less each day, cause nothing seems to help,
No matter what you do – you’re stuck by yourself

Waiting for the next court date – don’t know what to do
Put off month to month – nothing you can do,
Every time I think I know what’s going on,
It actually seems even longer till I can get home.

Life’s up in the air with so much confusion
All stressed out – this jail thing’s an illusion,
Losing all you had, feeling so stuck,
System’s got you trapped – all messed up

I know not what I knew not before
I know less now than I knew before
So little left to really hope for
Can’t wait to get out of this locked door.

Written by Bert Calderon


Cell phone ringin’ 24 hours a day,
Taxi man’s got no time to play,
Pickin’ up people from places unknown,
Takin’ them places no one else goes.

Taxi man, what you thinkin’ about?
Doin’ dirty deeds while you drivin’ all about,
Pickin’ up them dealers and whores,
Takin’ them places no body knows.

Cool as a cucumber, slick as a cat,
Lights on, meter on, got it down pat,
Jumpin’ in quick, set your butt down,
Taxi man’s movin’ quickly through the town.

Tell him your troubles, tell him your woes,
Tell him if you need to be connected to them whores,
All night and day, cell phone’s ringin’ off the hook,
Gotta move quick, gotta hurry up and book.

Taxi man, Taxi man, loner in the night,
Taxi man, taxi man, look for his light,
Taxi man, taxi man, drivin’ blue and white,
Taxi man, taxi man, quickly out of sight.

Written by Bert Calderon



Think of you often each day
Feel badly that circumstances led us astray,
Realize now how much you sacrificed
Took care of me through the worst times of my life,

So many obstacles got in our way
Drugs and wrong decisions pushed me away,
It hurts me so bad that I turned my back on you,
But it got to the point that I didn’t know what else to do

Pictures of your pain flash daily through my mind
Drove me crazy time after time,
It hurt me to watch you hurting yourself,
And nothing I did ever seemed to help.

It still pains my heart as I recall your distress
The times you cried begging for help,
I want you to know that it tore me apart,
You’ll always have a piece of my heart.

Pray for your well being and happiness in life,
For you to keep strong with the will to survive,
Want you to know I’m still grateful to you,
For caring for me as only you could do.

Written by Bert Calderon



Broken hearted since I’ve been gone,
Thinking of you from dusk to dawn,
Missing your smile and beautiful face,
Memories of us that can’t be replaced

So difficult with no way to reach you by phone,
Letters unanswered, I feel so alone,
So sorry I am for errors in the past,
In my mind I thought forever we’d last.

I now realize things I’ve done wrong,
Didn’t communicate or show faith for so long,
Pushed you away without realizing what I’d done,
But to me, you’re always my number one.

Don’t want to lose you – need another chance,
To prove I can show care and romance,
To be the person we both know I can,
So give me another chance to be your man.

Written by Bert Calderon



I never wanted to hurt you so bad
Nor bring tears to your eyes or make you feel sad,
To not respect your feelings and emotions,
Nor forget about commitment and devotion

Never wanted us to stray apart,
Never wanted to break your heart,
Never wanted to lose you or show disrespect,
Never realized where all time went.

Now I’ve had time to contemplate the past,
And realize what a perfect match,
We were and could be if you try once again,
And give me the chance to prove you can depend

On my word, care, compassion, and love,
On being there to lean on with loving hugs,
On my being there for you unconditionally
On us being together, just you and me.

Written by Bert Calderon



While away it’s so hard to maintain,
Without you my thoughts are driving me insane
The one thing that I cling on to,
Is the vision of love between me and you,

Can I ever make up for the time that is lost
Can I have the chance to prove my remorse
Can we ever be like we were from the start?
Can you forgive my errs and allow us to restart?

Intensity of our love brings tears to my eyes,
Sad tears while apart – so difficult to disguise
Joyful tears for giving me a chance to apologize,
I need you my love for the will to survive.

Your friendship and love are my greatest blessings,
You’re as important to me as the air that we breathe,
My partner who’s always been there for me,
My soul mate, my heart, can you please forgive me?

Written by Bert Calderon



Our lives are intertwined by commitments we’ve made
Great times we’ve shared can’t be taken away,
Our love is worth saving though times are rough,
Nothing can alter, that you’re the one I love

Some decisions I’ve made were drastic mistakes
Not being with you is so difficult to take,
Our future together is all I truly want
Praying for your forgiveness – please open your heart.

Think not of problems we’ve had in the past
Our relationship should be strong enough to last,
My promise to you is to show love and care
And prove to you that I’ll always be there.

Written by Bert Calderon

Thursday, December 4, 2008



If only I hadn’t
done the things I did……
Wasting my life
From the time I was a kid…..
If only I hadn’t
Been so selfish and blind……
Leaving nothing but destruction
And bewilderment behind…….
If only I hadn’t
Turned my back on God’s love….
Searching for wickedness
Instead of looking above……..
If only you could give
Our love one more chance…..
I’d do everything right
For your happiness……
If only I could ask
One last thing from you
Don’t give up on us now
For all time I’ll be true…….

If only…….

Written by Bert Calderon



It’s times like this we must stay strong,
I’ll be there to help before too long,
It’s difficult I know, without me there,
Just remember how much I care.

Keep positive and together - we’ll get through,
We need each other because our feelings are true,
Striving to better ourselves each day,
The Lord will always provide a way.

As long as we maintain our goals,
Our relationship will strengthen and grow,
Together, I know we’ll get through,
Remember that “I am in love with you”.

Written by Bert Calderon



Imagining being next to you lying side by side,
Knowing there is nothing I must hide,
Being totally myself while I am with you,
Such a perfect match, just us two.

So blessed am I to have you in my life,
The most perfect partner and wife,
Can’t wait to get past all we now face,
So I may prove my devotion to you cannot be replaced.

Love you and need you as my partner for life,
Your happiness is worth any sacrifice,
It is you and I forever in time,
I am yours and you are mine.

Written by Bert Calderon



Through disagreement, disappointments, and stressful times,
You’ve remained calm and strong – still able to smile,
The times we’ve shared are the best I recall,
Each day brings miracles above all.

Never change anything about our lives together,
Knowing in my heart we chose one another,
You gave me friendship and a sense of belonging,
You’ve brought me excitement and deep feelings.

You’ve shown me acceptance, wisdom, and faith,
You’ve shown me love, hope, and it all it takes,
My life’s been positive since we first met,
Being with you is the best it can get.

Written by Bert Calderon



Chained to your heart with bonds of love,
Locked together by commitment and love,
Each day brings a hidden surprise,
Exciting and vibrant as the sparkle in your eyes.

You are so intelligent, compassionate, and wise,
Loving, tender, sweet, and kind,
Being with you is perfect as can be,
You are chained to my heart – it’s our destiny.

Written by Bert Calderon



Visions of you forever on my mind,
Memories that last forever in time,
Times we’ve shared, Just you and I,
Made me so happy that I realize.

That my hopes and dreams became reality,
I know this is real, not a fantasy,
A relationship like ours I’ve always dreamed of,
Realizing in my heart that I’ve found true love.

You satisfy my needs as never before,
Being with you is all I hope for,
Consideration and care we must constantly show,
Together facing life’s unknowns.

To me, we make a perfect pair,
No one else for me, could ever compare.
Visions of you forever in my mind,
Memories and visions forever in time,

Written by Bert Calderon

Wednesday, December 3, 2008



One night with my King
In my life, he has changed everything
One night in his arms
I forget the world and all itʼs charms

One night with my king
Down deep inside, my spirit sings
A song of love and majesty
A song only my king can bring

One kiss from his lips
Reveals a passion I have missed
One moment in his eyes
All of my inhibition dies

One night in his fire
My passions grow, higher and higher
I long to fulfill all his desires
One night with my king
Has changed everything!

Written for my Richard Wagner
Written by Cherrieanne McKinney
12/03/08 1st draft



Are you the one who’ll stick by my side?
Are you the one who’ll always be mine?
Are you the one who’ll steal my heart?
Are you the one who'll fulfill all my wants?

I can be the one who’ll always show I care,
I can be the one who’ll be willing to share,
I can be the one who’ll be your best friend for life,
I can be the one with whom to spend the rest of our lives.

The times we’ve spent alone with each other,
Made me feel certain that we’re destined to be together,
That comfortable sensation – it feels so right,
Longing for your company day and night.

Assure me that you feel just the same,
That our hearts and emotions are on the same page,
So much we have to look forward to,
All I need is a sign from you.

To let me know that I’m the one for you,
That we will pursue this love so true,
That we’ll each do our share to bring us together,
And be Just Us, forever and ever !

Written by Bert Calderon

Tuesday, December 2, 2008



Driving me crazy not being with you,
Sharing together all the special things we do,
I apologize for all the mistakes I’ve made
Lost track of priorities, I’m sorry to say.

Had time to think and set my mind straight,
Being together is our destiny and fate,
Wish I could change what I’ve done wrong,
But I’ll be back before too long

This time apart is testing our bond,
We’ll make it because we share true love,
So wait for me till I return home,
And never again shall you be left alone.

Written by Bert Calderon



I found a lady,
She had my baby,
She fulfilled my wildest dreams.

She came into my life,
And now we're man and wife,
She fulfilled my every need.

Everybody wants somebody,
Everybody needs somebody,
Everybody loves somebody someday (repeat)

Guitar Break

My special lady,
She had our baby,
I know this wasn’t just a dream.

We bonded oh so tight,
Our family feels so right,
They were God’s gift and my blessing.

We began our journey in life together
Depending only on each other,
So much love was in my heart
I can’t believe we fell apart

Back to verse melody

Now we’ve hit troubled times
I pray she’ll still be mine
She’s all in life I ever want

I'd give her anything
She is my everything
Her and our child is all I need

(Then 1st Chorus to end)
Everybody wants somebody,
Everybody needs somebody,
Everybody loves somebody someday (repeat to end)

Written by Bert Calderon



No one in my life has meant so much to me,
No one has made me feel such emotion and sensitivity,
No one has ever stolen my heart away,
No one’s made me feel love in so many ways.

You, my love, are my one and only,
Together, Just Us, for all eternity,
Blessed by our Lord with patience and love,
No one else was chosen by our Lord above.

We’ve been through so many trials and tribulations,
Feelings confused and much anticipation,
Love you more than any words can express,
You are, to me, the very best.

This is another test of our love,
Without you I’d never experience true love,
I totally dedicate myself to you,
No one else can make me feel like you do.

Written by Bert Calderon



You mean everything to me,
You fulfill my every need,
So grateful that you're in my life,
And are always by my side.

You give me love unconditionally,
You give me trust and loyalty,
I thank you and appreciate all you’ve done,
In my heart you are my number one.

Sorry for all these difficult times,
With faith we’ll conquer this time,
Miss you and love you – Just remember each day,
That I am with you in every single way.

It is only on you that I can depend,
Together we’ll be till the very end,
I think of you each passing day,
Our love is here to stay.



Sensitive and caring, my special lady,
Thoughts of you are driving me crazy,
Being with you is always on my mind,
Knowing I’m yours and you are also mine.

Each passing day my love grows,
Even though my love is not always shown,
This time apart hurts so bad,
Deep in my heart I feel so sad.

The joy you bring each time I hear your voice,
Confirms in my heart that you’re my #1 choice,
To spend my life with and share all I can,
Just please confirm that I’m your only man.

Need and want you – I promise you this,
Your warmth, care, and special way you kiss,
Make me promise to you it’ll be worth it in the end,
And that it is on I, my love, that you can depend.



You fulfill my every fantasy and dream,
No one else could be so perfect for me,
From your erotic look to your perfect fingertips,
From your silky, soft hair to your sensuous lips.

Your heavenly scent is sexy as can be,
Your skin is so soft and made so perfectly,
Your voice is so sweet – I never tire of you,
Your thoughts we share just between me and you.

The way you kiss drives me wild,
The joy you express through your magnificent smile,
Thinking of you makes my heart do flips,
Love to hold you by your shapely hips.

The way you move turns me on so much,
I hunger and long for your loving touch,
Each moment with you is so exciting,
Each caress from you is so inviting.

To put it simply – you are perfection to me,
The only one who fulfills all my fantasies and dreams !

Monday, December 1, 2008


Love Is

Love is kind, does not envy or parade,
It does not behave rudely, nor seek it’s own, nor have any age,
It rejoices in faith, cannot survive lies,
Bears and believes all things – hopes and endures all time.

Love never fails and consists of four main ingredients,
Abide, have faith, hope, and belief,
Be honest and true – do not deceive,
Often love is greater than the mind can conceive.

Love can bring great joy but also great pain,
Love is a feeling that runs through your veins,
Love envelops all your emotions from your heart to your soul,
Love is a sense of inner belonging that only you know.

Love encompasses such a vast array of emotions,
Love is care, consideration, honesty, and devotion,
Love is the one word most written about,
Love has no boundaries for sacrifices or doing without.

Love is a gift to cherish and never let go,
A sense of belonging deep in your soul,
It sometimes takes so long to finally realize,
When your destined to be together for the rest of your lives.


All I Want

I want to wake up in the morn with you by my side,
Knowing in my heart that our love is forever in time,
All I really want is to share my life with you,
To share our dreams, fantasies, and the everyday things we do.

All I want is to show you love, understanding and care,
To unfold our dreams one by one as a pair,
All I need is to have you as my partner and wife,
Together, forever, for the rest of our lives.



I love you for so many reasons……
All of them are wonderful,
Like the special qualities you possess that make you one of a kind.
The things you say bring special meaning to my life.

Your eyes sparkle when we’re together as you hold me so tight.
These things you do make me feel so comfortable and right.
Our life is a journey, that together we share,

As we discover all the things we both enjoy………
I love you Just Because you bring the best out of me,
Our life together is our goal and destiny.


Chains of Love

Chains of love bind us together,
Dependent completely on one another,
A remarkable feeling I can’t ignore,
Every passing day I love you more.

Emotions and senses only you can arouse,
Can’t wait for you to become my spouse,
These chains of love have captured my heart,
Can’t stand this time being apart.

One day soon we’ll take our vows,
And surmount our problems by grace somehow,
Promising each other commitment and trust,
Our future together, JUST US !


Save Your Love

Save your love for me to come home,
Don’t make me feel like our future’s unknown,
Give me a sign to prove that you feel,
That our commitment to each other is still sealed.

Can’t imagine life without you by my side,
We’re both suffering losses while I’m doing this time,
I realize it is difficult to wait all alone,
But it’s more trying for me not being home.

There are so many thoughts I anticipate,
Problems we are having I did not create,
The only solution is to ride out this time,
All I need is assurance you’re still mine.

Rekindle our love is what we must do,
Forgetting the bad times and begin anew,
Recollect the close moments we’ve shared together,
We need to hold on because for me, there can be no other.


A kaleidoscope of memories run through my mind,
Of moments shared of special times,
Like walking on the beach as the sun goes down,
Holding hands and listening to the vibrant ocean sounds.

Listening to the waves as they bounce against the shore,
Watching the graceful birds flying – a sight we adore,
The clean scent envelopes us, so fresh and clean,
Gazing in your eyes as they sparkle and gleam.

Remembering all the wonderful times we’ve spent,
Never realizing how rapidly time went,
Thinking of these moments with just you and I,
Fond memories of us are always on my mind.