Saturday, December 27, 2008



Dreams, dreams, what do dreams mean?
Do they tell you a story of an upcoming scene?
How do we discern what’s a dream and what’s real?
Will this dream come true or will it remain just a dream?

I dreamt of good times and things we’ve done,
In my dreams, you are, my number one,
Wishing I could live my dreams out with you
Wishing all my greatest, dreams will come true.

Escaping far away in my wonderful dreams,
To places unknown that I’ve never seen,
Dreams with you are the best I recall,
Dreams of our future will tell all.

Sharing my innermost dreams with you,
I share all my thoughts and feelings with you,
Proving my love and devotion in my heart,
Dreams of you fulfill all the dreams I want.

Written by Bert Calderon

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