Friday, December 26, 2008



In my eyes, you looked so thoroughly enticing,
In my eyes, you were quite inviting.
The way you gazed into my eyes,
Told me I aroused your innermost desires.

Was this real or just my imagination?
Did I create my own story or delusion?
Was I wanting love so intensely?
Was I seeking to love so completely?

I know in my heart there was no mistaking,
The attraction from the start was truly infatuating,
Yes! I wanted love to come my way.
Yes! This feeling I craved many a day.

In my eyes, I saw your sweetness and perfection.
In my eyes, there was an unmistakable attraction.
In my eyes, I found true love that was exciting.
In my eyes, we found each others love so gratifying.

In my eyes, I knew that we were destined for each other.
In our eyes, we both saw the need to join together.
In my eyes……..In our eyes…….

Written by Bert Calderon

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