Saturday, December 27, 2008



Lies, lies, only meant to disguise,
To hide the truth, so many lies,
Lies have destroyed the greatest love stories in time,
Lies have played tricks on the greatest of minds.

Big lies and small lives – they’re all the same,
Often told for fear of creating great pain,
Told by many who can’t face the truth,
Through lies we’ve told, so often we lose.

Lying seemed easier than honesty at times,
However, they multiply so quickly, lie upon lie,
This deception and lying becomes so difficult to bear,
Lies all around me, lies everywhere.

Lied to by your partner about things they've done wrong,
Covering up the truth can’t last very long,
All I seek is to be honest and pure,
Lies, lies, no longer can I endure.

Lies, lies, please no more lies,
Lies, lies, only meant to disguise,
Lies, lies, create so much unnecessary pain,
Lies, lies, please never lie again.

Written by Bert Calderon

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