Friday, December 26, 2008



Never did I realize as I gazed upon your face
That my heart would leap in pure ecstasy
Not sure of where this would all lead to
As my excitement swelled beyond control
I tried to stop this inner explosion
Of feelings, of thoughts, of pure emotion
Passionate thoughts running rampant through my brain
Like the rush of a waterfall with all its awesome power

My heart soared upwards so quickly
Making my head spin in a whirlwind of erotic thoughts
Bringing me to a place I’ve never been before
Only dreamt of, in my innermost desires, only hoped for
Never did I realize that this intensity could be mine
This heat, this fire, this incredible desire,
Never did I realize that I’d find someone like you
That could bring me a passion, a love so honest and true

Never did I realize…………..that this could all be mine
Never did I realize…………..

Written by Bert Calderon

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