Sunday, December 7, 2008



Sitting in solitude in a lonely cell,
Locked up behind bars, cold and hungry as hell,
Ringing that telephone – no one answers your calls,
Letters unanswered – seems like no one care at all.

Last person on the train, all by yourself,
Invited to a dance, alone with no one else
Sitting at a table for two with no company,
Last flower from a bouquet, pretty as can be.

Last book placed all alone on a shelf,
Last student in the class with no one else
Everywhere you go why do people stare?
All you want to know is that someone still cares.

Wishing I was not feeling so alone,
Fear of facing so many unknowns,
Always feeling sad, lonely as can be,
Lonely, so lonely please help me!

Written By Bert Calderon

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