Sunday, December 21, 2008



How much longer before we are one?
How much longer till I’m overcome?
By your passionate kisses
By your passionate love

How much longer before I let out?
The cries of hunger… of love that’s inside….
How much longer before this flicker becomes a flame?
Before you take me in your arms and nothing else remains?

How much longer before your body
Is here next to mine?
How much longer before we intertwine
Before we become as one?

How much longer before
I give to you
What I have held back
for the one
Whose love is true?

How much longer
before I feel Your sweet kisses
As they cause my love to overflow?
How much longer
Must I wait, hesitate?
How much longer
must I crave your sweet fires?
How much longer
must I hold back my desires?
For you…. Only you!

When you touch me
My body aches,
With love for only you,
A love that only two can share
Who can understand just what they bear?

How much longer
Before you are mine….and I am yours,
Before we intertwine our hearts completely?
How much longer
Before it is no longer two… but one?
Within your love, …. I am undone.

Written 12/20/08 by Cherrianne McKinney

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