Saturday, December 27, 2008



White represents so many things,
Looking about me is white everything,
White is a color so clean and bright,
White reflects light whether day or night.

White linen, white sheets, so perfectly clean,
White dress at your wedding, so lovely it seems,
White snow everywhere on a bright winter morn,
What a lovely sight I grew to adore.

White tablecloths adorn the most perfect tables as we dine,
White linens accessorize, looking so clean and fine,
White uniforms all around us looking professional as can be,
White, I see everywhere, as I look all around me.

The full moon shines so brightly in the middle of the night,
White stars shine so vividly, what a miraculous sight !
White doves represent a love so pure,
White pills all about that we take as a a cure.

White powder has claimed so many lives,
An addiction that caused so many deceitful lies,
White angels, so lovely, created to help us in times of need,
White represents so many of God’s special blessings.

Written by Bert Calderon

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