Friday, December 26, 2008



As he sleeps, I watch
I watch him filled with peace
As he sleeps, I see
The little boy inside,
Of the man who’s in love with me.

As he sleeps, I think
Of all the words we spoke,
Of his arms around me
Of his love abounding.
Of the man to whom I’ve committed my life.

As he sleeps, I dream
Of all that he can do
Of all that is unseen
Of all within his reach
Of how much I believe and trust in him.

As he sleeps, I contemplate
The many things we’ve shared.
Our deepest thoughts
Our deepest desires
Of he and I forever in time.

He is my life
My commitment, my partner
My best friend, my lover
I am so proud to be his wife,
Even as he sleeps……

written 12/21/08 – C.A. McKinney

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