Sunday, December 7, 2008



While away it’s so hard to maintain,
Without you my thoughts are driving me insane
The one thing that I cling on to,
Is the vision of love between me and you,

Can I ever make up for the time that is lost
Can I have the chance to prove my remorse
Can we ever be like we were from the start?
Can you forgive my errs and allow us to restart?

Intensity of our love brings tears to my eyes,
Sad tears while apart – so difficult to disguise
Joyful tears for giving me a chance to apologize,
I need you my love for the will to survive.

Your friendship and love are my greatest blessings,
You’re as important to me as the air that we breathe,
My partner who’s always been there for me,
My soul mate, my heart, can you please forgive me?

Written by Bert Calderon

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