Sunday, December 7, 2008


Cell phone ringin’ 24 hours a day,
Taxi man’s got no time to play,
Pickin’ up people from places unknown,
Takin’ them places no one else goes.

Taxi man, what you thinkin’ about?
Doin’ dirty deeds while you drivin’ all about,
Pickin’ up them dealers and whores,
Takin’ them places no body knows.

Cool as a cucumber, slick as a cat,
Lights on, meter on, got it down pat,
Jumpin’ in quick, set your butt down,
Taxi man’s movin’ quickly through the town.

Tell him your troubles, tell him your woes,
Tell him if you need to be connected to them whores,
All night and day, cell phone’s ringin’ off the hook,
Gotta move quick, gotta hurry up and book.

Taxi man, Taxi man, loner in the night,
Taxi man, taxi man, look for his light,
Taxi man, taxi man, drivin’ blue and white,
Taxi man, taxi man, quickly out of sight.

Written by Bert Calderon

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