Saturday, January 3, 2009


How can you justify?

How can you justify
All the things you’ve done wrong?
How can you tell me
To leave you alone?
Lost all my money
As you left me so broke.
Now as I try to recover
It’s so hard to maintain hope.

How can you justify
The pain you caused to me?
All I tried to do
Was help you with your needs.
How can you justify
All you took from me?
When I gave you all I could
Of my love and money.

Justify yourself
Cause to me you cannot,
I’ll give you one more chance
So try your best shot.
But you’d better do me right
Cause I can’t take it anymore.
This is the last time
I promise you - no more

You can’t justify
Your past mistakes,
Just take it as it is – that’s all it takes.
Make your amends and show sincerity,
Don’t live in the past, just show humility.
How can you justify
All the things you’ve done wrong?
You cannot justify the past for so long.

How can you justify……………………?

How can the world justify
All the damage that's been done?
Little innocent children
Being killed, with nowhere to run?
So many inequities - actions without reason
Things occurring all around with no rhyme or reason.
Plots made up by insane, power hungry, leaders,
Minds controlled by greed as they think they get nearer,
To their goals of taking over more and more,
Never enough for all they hope for.

How can this be justified........?

It can't.................

Written by Bert Calderon

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