Monday, January 5, 2009


A Life Without You

A life without you is no life at all
The best times ever, that I can recall
Are when I followed the righteous path you gave
And realized how blessed I am to be saved

To be cleansed and reborn, so grateful I am
To have been chosen by you to fulfill your plan
The covenant you gave and promised to me
Are so true, as they are, forever binding.

Yeshua, I cannot change my past mistakes
You’ve shown me a new path that I must take
So blessed am I to know you, my king
You are to me, my everything

The one with whom I can share my innermost thoughts
The one who has given me the shalom that I’ve sought
Abba, our Father brought this gift of true love
Given His Son from the heavens above

A life without you is no life at all
Yeshua, Yeshua, you are my all
My life I now dedicate only to you
My heart and my soul belong to you

Written by Bert Calderon

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